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Earlier this year, the air board issued a new advisory that emphasizes design rather than distance, recommending anti-pollution features such as air filters, sound walls and thick vegetation as “promising strategies” to reduce the health risks from freeways.

 · Comparing Hate Speech Laws In The . And Abroad We've reported this week on the anti-Semitic outburst by designer John Galliano in …

Similarly, a Twitter spokesperson said that the offensive terms in question "have been blacklisted for several years" and that the company is "looking into" why their filters didn't prevent the ad campaign from running.

Contempt is the emotion of insular power. Hate is the reaction of the powerless. When 90% of the population opposed increasing immigration for decades during which immigration steadily increased, there is clear contempt for the population by the powerful. What do you expect their “neural circuitry” to do in reaction to such contempt, not just for the people, but for the very foundation of civilization: Consent of the governed?

Are there ways for progressives to be more clear, when we protest, what we are protesting? We seem to be letting the trolls win the metaphor battle.

BLOCK: You know, it's interesting to contrast these laws that we're talking about across Europe and in other countries, contrast that with the situation here in the United States. We just had the Supreme Court ruling yesterday that gave strong First Amendment protection to hateful speech, no matter how painful it might be. It seems that the . is really the exception rather than the rule on that.

Teichman muses over one example that might support Facebook’s algorithm: White murderers should all die. “Whenever I come across wacky policies like this I try to think, is there any conceivable way to justify it?” he says. There, the subset “murderers” is, in most cases, bad. So maybe it makes sense to be able to direct hate speech at them. But a murder’s race is—or at least it should be—completely irrelevant to the badness, and including race in that sentiment seems problematic at best.

Subsequently, debates about the criminalization of hate speech took place amongst politicians, scholars and media commentators, especially since international organizations such as the United Nations urged Japan to pass such laws. However, these debates were framed by a strong awareness of speech freedoms, since Articles 19 to 21 of Japan’s post-war constitution provide robust protections for freedom of conscience, speech, and religion. Judicial experts and politicians cited these articles to highlight the difficulties of criminalizing hate speech.

Investment is also needed in outreach toward right-wing youth and community groups to better understand their motives and how they can be influenced. During the civil rights era significant resources were devoted to tracking, researching, and analyzing the spread of hate groups; the Southern Poverty Law Center and other organizations are stepping up their efforts as should a range of non-profit, academic, and government actors. Where engagement and dialogue is possible, it should not be ruled out. While no one should be forced into conversation with those who question or threaten their right to exist, there are intermediaries who may be able to help pry away support for extremism at the margins, particularly when it comes to persuading young recruits not to start down the path of hatred.

More easily connected to inciting violence is the incident where a man shot members of the Republican Congressional baseball team. He was clearly motivated by the hateful and violent rhetoric of the left. And yet still, the left should absolutely be allowed to continue spewing their vitriolic talking points. Kathy Griffin pretending to be ISIS is distasteful, not criminal. The line is when words cross into actions, and violent actions are already illegal, it will not help to ban things that some claim lead to violent actions.

HATE SPEECH - Just Another NiggerHATE SPEECH - Just Another NiggerHATE SPEECH - Just Another NiggerHATE SPEECH - Just Another Nigger


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